Oh no! 

I am pushing 72 & refuse to give up sex.


Hi! I’ve started this amazing journey of trying to get a book published… Mostly I just wanted to tell my story, and I feel that it’s a story that other people want to hear. Whenever I do tell people they immediately start pouring questions on me and telling me their own life stories with wide eyes and perky ears.

At 69 years old I wanted to have sex one last time before I died. I went on one date and it turned into 300 in one year. Now I still frequently go on dates, and this has remained not only a source of pleasure but a source of empowerment for me. And I haven’t died yet either! I hope to continue to expand upon my initial project of recording my first year of 300 dates by sharing here my new and changing experiences with dating and aging. Although I like to think of it as reverse aging – people always say the elderly become babies again but I’ve only regressed to being a hot 20 year old 😉